What Is UndocuX?

Think of UndocuX as a synthesis machine — we gather pieces of human wisdom, experiences, curiosities, and questions — with the goal to discover, define, and redefine our role in forming the future.

UndocuX is an inquiry on how to drive actions into purposeful motion — while learning to identify and challenge lazy assumptions, fears, ignorance, hopelessness, and poorly communicated concerns/ideas.

UndocuX, above all, is a community. Leaders connected by an open dialogue of cross-disciplinary strings. The uncomfortable conversations that need to happen, start here.


Who Are You?

My undocumented experience has served me as a source of wisdom on character development, defiance, identity, leadership, and love. However, the rise of exclusionism in America showed me how unprepared I was to defend myself.

I never received formal instructions on how to be an “active citizen” in a democratic society; so I dove head-first into reading books, taking online courses, seeking mentorship from prominent leaders, joining grassroots organizations, and creating UndocuX.

[Learn more about my undocumented American story here.]


Why Did You Create UndocuX ?

History will judge us based on how we treat the people of our time.

UndocuX is a memoir about refusing to lose hope, trust, and passion for our pursuit of happiness. 

What will our narratives teach future generations on how to play the heck out of the cards that have been dealt to them? 

Memoirist, Mary Karr, says that we all have our “little grain of rice” to add to the big world. UndocuX provides a platform for others to share their grain of rice. It also embodies my higher aspiration — I do not want fear, insecurity, or lack of educational resources to hold back any other rising leader.